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ACE Programme is now taking enrolments

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ACE Programme Enrolments

About our partnership with UNE

Ashton’s Place is so pleased to announce our partnership with the Department of Neuroscience at the University of New England. Our aim is to offer a model of early intervention that meets the needs of the child and their family. Our ACE (Autism Connect Early) Programme will provide much-needed early intervention utilising evidence-based early intervention models and will allow research to be conducted on an ongoing basis to evaluate and develop a programme that is relevant and one that will support children and their families into the future.

The ACE (Autism Connect Early) Programme has been designed according to best-practice guidelines to assist children with autism in integrating successfully into long-day care with their typically-developing peers. The focus is on applying specialised strategies to build skills in effective communication, interaction and play with peers, self-directed learning, and personal resilience.

Our educators are dedicated to creating a learning environment in which children with autism feel safe, confident, and valued. Whilst the focus is on supporting children to engage in learning to create short- and long-term benefits, our educators uphold the ethos of learning via relationship building. Therefore, all learning opportunities are embedded in empathic interactions aimed at understanding the child’s experiences.

The ACE Programme is embedded in a research framework that provides us with the opportunity to continuously evaluate and refine all learning experiences to ensure that they are tailored to the particular needs of each child. The Programme content and delivery is closely monitored by Professors in Biomedical Science at the Brain Behaviour Research Group to ensure that a high level of integrity is maintained and children receive access to the most recent advances in autism education.

A number of childcare centres currently implement the ACE Programme. For more information, or to enrol your child, contact the Centre Directors by clicking on the links below:

About the ACE Programme

Childcare centres implementing the ACE Programme

Enrol your child today

Imagine Childcare is proud to be implementing the ACE Programme within some of our centres. We are currently taking enrolments within the ACE Programme at Imagine Childcare West End, Imagine Childcare Holmview, and Imagine Childcare Tarneit.

If you are interested in applying for a place for your child, or would like further information, please contact the Centre Director via the following methods:


PHONE 1300 001 154


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work with us

Imagine Childcare & Kindergarten is proud to be implementing the ACE Programme within a selection of our centres. We are currently seeking expressions of interest from suitable educators and therapists to deliver our programme to our families.

If you are interested in applying for a position or would like further information, please forward your resume and cover letter to Liz at

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