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How we can help

Ashton's Place supports children with autism. The foundation does this by: funding research into Evidence based Early Intervention, funding for the development of Autism Connect Early (ACE) programme, an evidence based Early Intervention Programme based on gradual and meaningful inclusion, and support and funding for professionals that guide programme implementation and train staff.

Our hope is that we can provide resources to parents and caregivers so they find the strength they need to be an enabler for their child.

We hope to be a place where parents can turn to for assistance in order to create the best place for their child.


Our goal was to set up a foundation and charity that could help disadvantaged families choose a pathway of intervention that suited them and their child without financial burden and stress.


Join us at our next event or host your own to raise awareness of Autism.


Donate to help children with ASD gain access to valuable support.


Keep up-to-date with Ashton's journey and follow us.


Questions? Comments?
We would always love to hear from you.

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