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Ashton's Diary - August 2018

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Ashton’s diary 24/8/18

Session with Tania




At lunch Ashton looked at me and said hey mummy, you can have the ham .. as he passed me the ham on his plate ..

in the session with Tania he was asking direct questions which is a first ..


He’s eating a yummy fish.. Ashton said as he made a shark and put putty in its mouth ..

Ashton identified the blocks he made as a shark ..,it’s a great white he said ..

Ashton then made a robot and put two eyes and a nose in the putty..

September 11th 2018

Ashton on jumping dome in park with poppy.. Ashton was jumping and then came to get me to jump with him.. then he would go to poppy and get his hand and lead him to the dome

Ashton was able to communicate three things with me on the swing.. I did do some prompting . Go please mummy... stop mummy ... hop out...

Sept 13/18

The notes above relate to the below video from last week

Session from 13/9/18


Session with speech therapist Tania

Ashton did not want to read a book he only wanted to play with the sea creatures. Tania says book first and then sea creatures. Ashton eventually looks at the book..


19th September

Ashton stood up from dinner and said

“ my pants are wet”

I didn’t respond and he said it again and when I looked on the back he was wet from spilt dinner..

wow he so understood what he was saying, which is different from the regular responses he gives “e.g @ hop down mummy” “ bottle please mummy” “ milk please mummy”

Which he will add any name to who is with him..

21/9/18 Friday

Ashton going to speech therapy today and we parked the car in the car park and he used to just run off if I didn’t hold his hand .. I asked him to wait and he went to go and I said stop and he turned looked at me and stopped and waited for me .. such a break through ..

Ashton was scared going into our car park at temple .. I tell him he is ok and to look for mummy’s black car and look for cars in car park and he runs to our spot and waits at the door of my car...

He is following instructions more once he is focused on a task .. e. Gain video he goes and finds the dinosaurs that have been shot off the tail.. he looks for them and brings them back .. he wouldn’t be able to do that though if I had just randomly said go and get me the book.. Ashton has to be motivated..

Getting Ashton to read books is a hard task..


Session with Liz

Getting to understand the concept of turn taking and packing away when finished .. puts his cards in the finish box when he is finished with an activity..starting to get the screwing of nuts to join things together .. couldn’t do this before only in the last three weeks ..

7/10/18 major difference in play

Play with Ashton this morning was amazing .. I felt like he was just a little boy playing with his mummy and sisters in the yard.. Ashton followed three instructions and I just said “Ashton take T. rex to the top of the stairs , put him down the slide and come and get him.. he picked up T. rex from the garden and went up the stairs to the slide with a big smile on his face.. I said put him down and he did and then followed him down .. I than continued the fans and said get velociraptor and throw him down the slide to mummy.. he did and Scarlett and giselle were also going up and down the stairs to slide so he waited fir them and laughed with them as the took turns going down the slide .. I then said T. rex is going to get you as you come down, look out and I growled .. he laughed and squealed and trued yo go back up the slide .. Samii was at the top of the slide and was saying quick Ashton climb up.. he started climbing up to her.. we played this for 40 minutes.. he saw scarlet had lost her hat and he went and got it and brought it to her and stoked me and put it on her head .. I said thank you Ashton .. Scarlett needs her hat ..


Session with Liz



Ashton was swimming with Kevin and Kevin got him to climb out of the side of the pool.. he did it and said to me ‘hey Mum I climbed out’

How wonderful ..

session with Tania Ashton is looking for T. rex and when he finds it he says “ it’s too high” Tania asks how can he get it down .. he stops for a minute and says “I have an idea”

Oh my that is the first time he has done that ...!!!


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