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Ashton's Diary - Dec 2020

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Ashton’s diary December

Sammy Nanny: 30/12/20

Video 1 - weseca program “a”

Goal - to sound out each word

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in sounding out each of the words, I guided Ashton as He laid out each of the letters to match the word.

Sammy Nanny: 30/12/20

Video 2 - SP2 PC Lesson 8 expressive identification of letters

Goal - to be able to identify each letter shown

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify the letters s,a and d However needed some assistance identifying the other letters.

Sammy Nanny: 30/12/20

Video 3 - cutting with scissors

Goal - to cut around the lines using the correct scissor grip

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in this activity today, he was able to cut around one picture using the correct scissor grip, however I assisted by holding onto the paper.

Sammy Nanny: 30/12/20

Video 4 - time 4 learning weather (sentence slopes)

Goal - to listen to each sentence and place the words in order

Outcome - Ashton needed help during this activity as it is too hard for Ashton to do independently, we listened to each sentence and I placed the words into the correct order.

Sammy Nanny: 29/12/20

Video 1,2,3 - dinosaur book

Goal - to discover and learn from the information in the book

Outcome - Ashton and I were looking through his new book talking about all the dinosaurs we could see, we also learnt the names of some new ones that Ashton didn’t recognise. Ashton then initiated some imaginative play, we both became professors and took a trip into a time machine back into the time of dinosaurs!

Sammy Nanny: 28/12/20

Video 1,2 - alphabet tubs

Goal - to match objects to the first sounding letter

Outcome - we looked at the tubs of letters s and w, we looked at each of the items that came in the tubs. Ashton identified the letter S however needed some help identifying the letter w. I placed out the lids which had the letters on top, I layed out 4 items and asked Ashton which letter does (seahorse etc) start with? Ashton was able to place all the items into the correct letter

Sammy Nanny: 28/12/20

Video 3,4 - imaginary play

Goal - to engage in imaginary play with others

Outcome - Ashton showed a lot of interest in our adventure today, he used a lot of language throughout the entire play experience. It was great to see Ashton so engaged in this imaginative play.


Sammy Nanny: 22/12/20

Video 1,2 - I spy - LEGO emotions

Goal - to identify and circle different emotions as well as pencil grip

Outcome - Ashton wanted to look for the sad faces, he needed some prompting at times to fix his pen grip. We found 6 sad faces.

Sammy Nanny: 22/12/20

Video 3 - time 4 learning weather

Goal - syllable drum

Outcome - Syllables are a little tricky to understand at the moment however Ashton enjoyed listening to the sound of the drums when he clicked the mouse.

[27/12/20, 8:21:38 pm] Sammy Nanny: 22/11/20

Video 4,5 - Osmo dragon balloon

Goal - to add balloons to match the number on screen to make the dragon go higher to reach the treasure

Outcome - Ashton was able to count to each level with some assistance up to the number 20, he loved reaching the treasure and discovering what items he received as a prize. I helped quite a bit with this activity as there was a lot of adding up to bigger numbers.

Sammy Nanny: 22/12/20

Video 6 - Osmo dragon feeding

Goal - to discover which foods each dragon enjoys

Outcome - Ashton loves feeding the dragons, he feels so much joy when making them happy once he feeds the dragons which foods they like.

[21/12/20, 8:23:13 pm] Sammy Nanny: 21/12/20

Video 1 - I can see

Goal - to identify each activity and finish the sentence

Outcome - Ashton was able to finish each sentence however needed some encouragement to place the ending word/picture at the end of each sentence.

[21/12/20, 8:24:30 pm] Sammy Nanny: 21/12/20

Video 2,3,4 - numbers and counting

Goal - to count how many gumballs are in each machine and then place the corresponding number underneath the machine.

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify most numbers however insisted that one machine had 8 gumballs instead of 7. Each time Ashton asked for more tokens, I asked him how many? With some prompting he was able to answer and tell me how many he needed.

[21/12/20, 8:28:01 pm] Sammy Nanny: 21/12/29

Video 5 - time 4 learning - weather

Goal - to watch a video about weather

Outcome - together we watched a video about the weather and what sorts of things we wear in different kinds of weather.


We have moved back to kanbeki and for the last three weeks Ashton has been more attentive- initiating interaction with language. Expressing himself and asking Anastasia to come with him when they are in the pool. He is seeking us out and answering questions easily. Receptive language and expressive language becoming very strong. He asks for me and when he sees me he says “mummy , I found you .” Or “mummy , you found me.” Using our titles when initiating conversation.


Chantelle Burns Nanny : 12/12/20 Video 1 - Monkey toes

Goal - to grab balls with toes/feet and place them into a bucket (using his bottom to shuffle over to the bucket). (gross motor)

Outcome - Ashton was able to pick up several balls with his feet today and place them into the bucket (he didn't have to shuffle far on his bottom to get to the bucket). This took encouragement and assistance from Emilie as Ashton wasn't very keen to participate.


Chantelle Burns Nanny : 11/12/20 Video 1 - Waseca Reading Program (Red Australian Biome Folder - Wombats and Numbats)

Goal - to interpret (jointly with me) the pre sequenced picture cards in the Wombats and Numbats folder.

Outcome - Ashton was able recall knowledge on wombats and numbats from our previous encounter with this biome folder. He recalled that wombats live in Australia and we located that on our map. During this task Ashton did a great job at answering my questions, he was able to tell me several things like what numbats eat, where they nap and much more.

[11/12/20, 7:34:07 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 11/12/20 Video 2 - Time 4 Learning (count with me) brainy bots

Goal - to select the correct number out of four options.

Outcome - Ashton was able to successfully select numbers from 1-5 when requested. Occasionally Ashton would select the incorrect number, but I think that is because he likes the sound it makes when the wrong answer is selected. It is clear that Ashton can recognise numbers 1-5.

[11/12/20, 7:35:00 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 11/12/20 Video 3 - Monkey toes

Goal - to grab balls with toes/feet and place them into a bucket (using his bottom to shuffle over to the bucket). (gross motor)

Outcome - Ashton was able to pick up one ball with his feet and shuffle along to place it into the bucket. His sisters were also participating and setting a good example for Ashton, however he was preferring to pick up the balls with his hands.


Sammy Nanny: 9/12/20

Video 1 - SP1 FR lesson 12 simple art activity

Goal - to participate in an art activity for 10 minutes

Outcome - Ashton enjoyed stamping the ocean animals onto the paper.


Sammy Nanny: 8/12/20

Video 1 - weseca program - Antarctica

Goal - to interpret each picture

Outcome - Ashton needed some prompting during the activity at times, we talked about Antarctica being very cold and filled with snow.

Sammy Nanny: 8/12/20

Video 2 - maths addition

Goal - to add two numbers together to make a total

Outcome - Ashton found the total of most of the equations independently, needed some assistance in writing each of the answers.

Sammy Nanny: 8/12/20

Video 3,4 - time 4 learning - numbers

Goal - number recognition

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify all numbers from 1-10.

Speech therapy 8/12/20

Exchange of Christmas gifts. Ashton’s last session for 2020

Speech therapy 4/12/20

Ashton had been talking about the virus the last time in speech therapy so Tania printed out what the virus looked like and tried to get Ashton interested in drawing his own virus or antibodies. She then introduced LEGO so he could build the antivirus, Ashton built a robot . Then changed it into a rocket as he does .

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 04/12/20 Video 1 - Waseca Reading Program (Pink Australian Biome Folder - Platypus)

Goal - to interpret (jointly with me) the pre sequenced picture cards in the Platypus

folder. To answer 'wh' questions.

Outcome - At first Ashton wasn't fully focused on this task. Once I was able to bring Ashton into focus we explored the life and habitat of the platypus, where it lives, what it eats and how it has babies. Firstly, I went through each card and talked about the relevant information with Ashton. After that I asked Ashton several questions, including some 'wh' questions and he was able to answer most of them. When Ashton didn't give me an answer I would ask the question again, provide the answer and finally I'd pose the question to Ashton again (for the most part he was now able to answer my question). Overall Ashton did a great job with retaining information and answering questions.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 04/12/20 Video 2 - Positional words

Goal - to place items in the correct position based on the corresponding card (for example, place the teddy inside the toy box). (following instructions)

Outcome - With encouragement Ashton was able to place the items (teddy, car, duck and frog) into their correct position based on the corresponding card. I would give Ashton the instructions (sometimes I would have to instruct him a few times) and he would put the item into the position I requested. Ashton seems to have to an understanding of the positional concepts we explored today (example, in front, inside and behind).

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 04/12/20 Video 3 - Time 4 Learning (my shapes - syllable drum)

Goal - to tap out the syllables on the drum (words related to shapes).

Outcome - This task required Ashton to tap the drum according to the number of syllables in each word. Ashton was able to tap out the syllables onto the drum with my assistance (otherwise he was just clicking the mouse). As we tapped out the syllables I tried to reiterate how many we had tapped by telling Ashton the number and getting him to repeat it. We did this task twice.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 04/12/20 Video 4 - Throwing a ball

Goal - to throw and catch a ball with his sister, Anastasia. (gross motor)

Outcome - Ashton had a fun time interacting with Anastasia during throwing and catching. Ashton was able to throw and catch the ball and with practice he will definitely continue to improve his skills.


Coming back home from kindy we were stopped at the lights. There was an ambulance beside us. Ashton said “an ambulance.”

Sammy said “where’s the ambulance going?”

Ashton said “to the hospital “

And what happens then .

“Then you feel better.” And how does that make you feel and Ashton said. “Happy”

Sammy Nanny: 2/12/20

Video 1 - tracing lines

Goal - to trace along the lines using correct pencil grip

Outcome - Ashton asked for some help when tracing over the lines so I held my hand lightly on his arm to help encourage Ashton to trace independently. Ashton is also getting more confident with his pencil grip however still needs assistance to help get the initial grip.


Video 2 - I can see

Goal - to identify each activity and finish the sentence

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify that the person was sleeping. He needed some help with identifying jumping, it was nice to see Ashton notice that the boy in the picture was happy and excited. He also needed some help identifying singing.

Sammy Nanny: 2/12/20

Video 3,4 - Osmo maths

Goal - to identify numbers, then lay out the corresponding amount of dots to pop the bubbles to free the fish

Outcome - Osmo math is a little tricky as it has numbers from 10-20 in it and Ashton is still learning to identify them. Throughout the activity I did my best to model how to count each tile to add up to the number we needed however the app is sensitive and makes a lot of noise when trying to adjust the tiles. He enjoyed watching the fish fall back into the water where they belong.

Sammy Nanny: 2/12/20

Video 5 - time 4 learning - my shapes

Goal - to complete the pattern

Outcome - Ashton was able to complete each pattern after some encouraging as he enjoyed placing the incorrect shapes into the pattern.

Sammy Nanny: 2/12/20

Video 6,7 - Osmo dragon

Goal - to identify what foods the dragon likes and how much they can eat

Outcome - following on from Ashton’s interest in the dragon Osmo we also did this activity. I modelled how to measure each dragon as it is sensitive and hard to measure. During the activity i encouraged Ashton to feed the dragons food they enjoyed however ashton showed interest in feeding them swordfish.


Ashton’s diary December 2020

As we are driving back to Temple over the hill from Burleigh Ashton can see temple so as we are driving home from therapy he said ”I can see temple.”and then he looks again and he can see the crane of the other building and he said “you are building me a better house. “ He was smiling and I said, what are you thinking about that , he said I’m thinking that we will move the bed and we will move my toys and you’ll build a TV and it will have a toilet and it’ll be a better house for me.


Speech therapy

Feelings and antibodies.

"Ashton is being supported by the introduction of thought bubbles and feelings - Ashton makes up a fantastic story about antibodies."

[1/12/20, 7:53:49 pm] Sammy Nanny: 1/12/20

Video 1 - P 2 PC Lesson 7 identification of letters

Goal - to be able to identify upper case and lower case letters

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify which letters were uppercase and lowercase, he was also able to identify 2/3 letters.

[1/12/20, 7:57:05 pm] Sammy Nanny: Sorry the video is wonky, I didn’t realise Ashton knocked the tripod when we were filming

Video 2 - hypothetical questions

Goal - to answer the questions on what Ashton would do

Outcome - Ashton was able to tell me what he would do in situations like if he felt sick or if he was cold, he needed some prompts at times however was able to answer the questions.

[1/12/20, 8:14:08 pm] Sammy Nanny: 1/12/20

Video 3,4 - time 4 learning (shapes)

Ashton is able to identify all of the shapes, he enjoyed these activities so much he repeated them a few times.


Social interaction - today when watching angry birds, Ashton gave each of his sisters a character that was on the tv screen, he also gave Sharon and I a character each.


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