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Ashton's Diary - Jan 2021 Part 1

Ashton’s diary

January 2021

[21/1/21, 5:59:17 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 21/01/21 Video 1 and 2 - Time 4 Learning (language arts)

Goal - number of letters in a word.

Outcome - Our language lesson started with a letter counting quiz. Ashton had to answer five questions in relation to this topic. The first type of question asked us to choose the word that has three letters, I worked through this question with Ashton by helping him count the letters in each word to find the correct answer. We repeated this for all other similar questions throughout the quiz. The second type of question showed us a word and we needed to select the correct amount of letters, again I helped Ashton to find the correct answer (we counted the letters of each word) and we repeated this for all other similar questions. Our next lesson was an introduction to tomorrow's topic.

[21/1/21, 6:00:58 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 21/01/21 Video 3 and 4 - Time 4 Learning (math)

Goal - shapes everywhere (recognising and matching flat shapes).

Outcome - Our first math lesson provided Ashton with the relevant information about recognising flat shapes and how they can be seen everywhere. After this informative lesson we moved onto an interactive lesson. First up Ashton had to match several shapes (the shapes may have been different colours/sizes or in different positions) and he was able to do this. After this task Ashton was presented with three multiple choice questions and I assisted him where needed to answer them. Overall Ashton is showing a good knowledge in relation to flat shapes.

[20/1/21, 6:10:41 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 20/01/21 Videos 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Time 4 Learning (language arts)

Goal - number of words in a sentence/number of letters in a word.

Outcome - Our first task today was a quiz based on yesterday's lesson that Ashton did with Sami. Ashton needed to count the number of words within a sentence/find the sentence with a certain amount of words (for example, the sentence that has 3 words). At times Ashton needed encouragement and assistance to complete the task. Next we did a lesson on counting the number of letters within a word. I assisted Ashton with counting the letters of each word to gain his participation. For the most part Ashton was able to select the correct amount of letters within each word.

[20/1/21, 6:16:06 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 20/01/21 Videos 5, 6 and 7 - Time 4 Learning (math)

Goal - describing flat shapes.

Outcome - Today we did a lesson that focused on describing flat shapes in preparation for a quiz that followed. In this lesson Ashton learnt the different properties of several shapes and how these properties are used to describe each shape. After this lesson we moved onto the quiz. Ashton was able to answer the first question, however he needed assistance for the rest of the quiz. As we came to each question I helped Ashton and explained the correct answer to him.

[20/1/21, 6:18:52 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 20/01/21 Video 8 - Time 4 Learning (science)

Goal - observing matter syllables.

Outcome - In this lesson Ashton was presented with several jumbled words that had been chopped up into syllables, these words related to the observing matter topic. As each word came up on the screen an explanation was provided. This lesson was a little difficult for Ashton so I provided him with assistance and got him to count out the number of syllables in each word.


Tree planting

Koala Corridor

[16/1/21, 5:52:09 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 16/01/21 Video 1, 2 and 3 - Time 4 Learning (science)

Goal - nature walk/collage (observing matter)

Outcome - Today we all went on a nature walk to collect natural items to make a collage that observes the qualitative properties of matter (shape, colour and texture). On our walk we collected various items such as sticks, leaves, flower buds and grass. During our collection experience we talked about the things we were finding and how they felt (for example, rough or smooth). Ashton was able to describe the moss that he was feeling on the rock as rough. When we finished our walk it was time to do our nature collages. We all sat at the table together and I chose a few items to discuss. During this discussion we talked about the colour, shape and texture of the natural items we had found. At one point I gave Ashton a stick and asked him what it felt like and he described it as bendy. After our discussion we made our nature collages. All of the children enjoyed this activity.

Ashton doing funny faces

Role playing with Snapchat

Ashton playing

Ashton is dreaming big..


[15/1/21, 7:17:33 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 15/01/21 "wh" questions (not filmed)

At breakfast I asked Ashton what he was eating and he replied, "pretzels". I also asked what he was watching on his iPad and he said, "mine craft lego". He started watching another Lego video, I asked him what he liked and he replied, "I like lego mixels".

[15/1/21, 7:17:59 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 15/01/21 Video 1 - Star Program 2 (receptive language - lesson 4 - action pictures)

Goal - to receptively identify action pictures when presented with five options and asked, give me... (for example, give me clapping).

Outcome - Ashton was able to hand me each action card as I requested it. He did a great job at receptively identifying each action and we will be moving onto the next goal.

[15/1/21, 7:18:47 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 15/01/21 Videos 2 and 3 - Time 4 Learning (language arts)

Goal - identify lower and uppercase letters.

Outcome - Ashton needed some assistance and encouragement to select the correct lowercase letter, I helped him where required. Next we moved onto uppercase letters and Ashton was able to recognise most of these letters on his own. Occasionally Ashton went to be cheeky and click the incorrect letter (even though he knew the answer), so I made sure he ended up choosing the correct letter.

[15/1/21, 7:21:44 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 15/01/21 Videos 4 and 5 - Time 4 Learning (math)

Goal - count how many, 1-5.

Outcome - Today Ashton did two math quizzes relating to counting numbers 1-5. He needed a little bit of assistance for the first quiz, but overall he did a great job. When completing the final quiz Ashton needed encouragement to complete the task. He was able to recognise the correct answer for each question.

[14/1/21, 5:53:15 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 14/01/21 Video 1 - Star Program 2 (expressive language - lesson 3 - accelerated labels)

Goal - to name pictures when given the cue "what is this..."

Outcome - Ashton was able to verbally label all of the animal pictures that I presented to him. During this task Ashton recalled (on his own accord) where he has seen some of these animals before (for example when visiting the animal park).

[14/1/21, 6:05:43 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 14/01/21 Videos 2 and 3 - Time 4 Learning (language arts)

Goal - understanding concepts of print

Outcome - Today Ashton was learning about how we read a book from left to right and which way a book is opened. After listening to the explanation Ashton needed to answer some questions, he was able to answer some of them and I helped him when he needed it. Next we completed a quiz and this was a little tricky for Ashton so I helped him to complete it.

[14/1/21, 6:07:49 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 14/01/21 Videos 4 and 5 - Time 4 Learning (math)

Goal - count the same number

Outcome - Ashton did a great job with maths today. At times he needed encouragement to focus and listen, but he showed he has an understanding of the concepts we covered today. Ashton recognised different arrangements of the same number and he successfully completed the counting eggs in the nest activity. Next, Ashton completed a counting 1 - 5 activity and he did an excellent job with this, getting four out of four questions correct.

[14/1/21, 6:12:02 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 14/01/21 Video 6 - Time 4 Learning (science)

Goal - observing matter (qualitative and quantitative)

Outcome - Ashton watched the observing matter - qualitative and quantitative cheer song video that explored the meaning of those two concepts. After the video Ashton needed to place a series of words in either the qualitative or quantitative column. This was tricky for Ashton so I helped him with the task. I tried asking Ashton where each word belonged and if he couldn't get it I would show him which column it should be in.

Began a new level of time 4 learning.

Speech therapy


Speech therapy

( videos in photos) discussed Ashton asking questions- social thinking - I see what you are thinking.

Sammy Nanny: 13/01/21

Initiated speech - Ashton went to sit at the table and bumped his leg on the table so he began to cry, I comforted Ashton to help him feel better. 10 minutes later Ashton turned to me and said to me “hey sami, I feel better now.”

Questions - sami - “what did you do today?”

- Ashton - “ I went swimming”

- sami - “who did you swim with?”

- Ashton - “2 boys”

- sami - “ who was watching you?”

- Ashton - “mummy”

All correct recall of his day.

Sammy Nanny: 13/01/21

Video 1,2 - shark book

Goal - interaction and answering questions

Outcome - Ashton came to me And asked to read the shark book with me, together we talked about all the different names of sharks. Ashton even used his imagination and made up his own name for a shark. We had lots of fun discovering new sharks together.

Sammy Nanny: 13/01/21

Video 3,4,5 - time 4 learning (language arts)

Goal - identifying parts of a book

Outcome - Ashton greeted the talking book by saying hello and waving, the book then asked him his name, “my name is Ashton, what is your name?” As the activity went on Ashton didn’t show much interest as he may have found it difficult to answer the questions, I assisted Ashton by answering the questions and explaining the answers.

[13/1/21, 7:47:56 pm] Sammy Nanny: 13/01/21

Video 6,7,8 - time 4 learning (math)

Goal - number recognition 1-5

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify and match the numeral to the corresponding picture. We then moved into matching number amounts to words, I helped Ashton match the numbers to the words as he is still learning how to recognise and read words. Ashton was able to identify which pictures had 5 crabs and which one didn’t, at times he needed some prompting to finish the activity.

Sammy Nanny: 12/01/21

Video 1 - SP2 PC Lesson 8 identifying numbers

Goal - to be able to identify each letter shown

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify a for siren head, he also recognised the letter o. Together we talked about the letter g for Godzilla as well as other letters of the alphabet.

[12/1/21, 5:59:25 pm] Sammy Nanny: Video 2,3- time 4 learning (language arts)

Goal - identifying letters as well as parts of a book

Outcome - Ashton needed some guidance throughout this task as it’s the first time doing these activities. Today we watched a video on parts of a book, then it was quiz time! Ashton didn’t show much interest in answering the questions so I answered them as a prompt to encourage Ashton to participate in the quiz.

[12/1/21, 6:04:21 pm] Sammy Nanny: Video 4,5- time 4 learning (math)

Goal - identifying how many animals there are.

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify how many animals there were for most of the questions, he needed some help clicking on the numbers and then pressing next. He began to lose interest for the quiz so I helped by answering the questions.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 08/01/21 Video 1 - Waseca Reading Program (Gold Australian Biome Folder - Satin Bowerbird)

Goal - to interpret (jointly with me) the pre sequenced picture cards in the Bowerbird

folder. To answer 'wh' questions. (listening, interpreting and answering questions)

Outcome - Ashton wasn't overly focused for this activity and I had to bring him back to the task a few times. Firstly we looked at the map to locate Australia as that is where the bowerbird lives, next I went through each card and discussed the relevant points with Ashton. At times he was paying attention and other instances I had to repeat my points to ensure he was listening. After we went through all of the cards we placed down the corresponding sentence cards and I began questioning with Ashton. Ashton was able to focus and answer some of my questions, however he required prompts occasionally. We ended this task as Mummy came in to say hello.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 08/01/21 Video 2 - Sequencing cards

Goal - to correctly sequence four cards depicting a birthday event. To answer 'wh' questions. (sequencing)

Outcome - I presented Ashton with four cards out of sequence that depicted a scene from a birthday and I wanted him to place them in the correct order. To make this task relevant for Ashton I asked him if he had ever had a birthday party and straight away he was able to recall his Mothra cake (we then discussed his Mothra birthday cake). Ashton was able to sequence two of the cards, however he was a little trickster and decided to turn all of the cards over to match the pictures on the back. I ended up turning the cards over and once they were in sequence on the correct side Ashton was able to tell me what was going on in each card and he answered my "wh" questions as well. I decided to do some role play with Ashton and I got him to sing Happy Birthday. After that he pretended to blow out the candles, I cut the cake/served it and Ashton ate it. This was another cute experience.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 08/01/21 Video 3 - Star Program 2 (expressive language - lesson 4 - action pictures)

Goal - to verbally say the action (verb) when presented with a flashcard and asked, "what is this?"

Outcome - Ashton was able to tell me instantly most of the actions occurring on each flash card. He had a little trouble when it came to recognising washing hands as it looked like the boy was making bubbles in the water rather than washing his hands at a normal sink. Overall Ashton did a great job and understood the task.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 08/01/21 Ashton enjoyed his first time using ring fit on the ninetendo switch today.