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Ashton's Diary - January 2019

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Ashtons diary January 2019 6th January 2019 Ashton made a T. rex from mobile no help from me

8/1/19 Ashton hugging he has started doing this in the last few weeks..

15/1/19 Session with Liz

17th After the swinging Ashton was very present in his play. Put this to the vestibular sensory input. Goal of swing is to organise the sensory pathways to make things happen a little faster and clearer..

Two step plan by going down the slide and through the tunnel.. this will lead to further steps maybe three and four and further..

Good motor planning is the first step to socialisation .. Ashton generalised by putting tunnel to other slide then Liz added a third item and gave commands down the slide through the tunnel and under the bridge..

Swimming lessons this afternoon and the teacher said where is otter? Ashton said there he is and pointed. Today he has been answering when questions are asked like the above and when asked if he wants to do something he replied yes. Yes please . Or if asked do you want something he says yes. This hasn’t happened before with out promoting and using echalalie ( mimicking) 19/1/19 Sequencing is coming together Pick up scissors pick up paper cut paper...


23/1/18 Kindy Ashton doing puzzles only for the second time

25/1/19 Ashton at speech playing with dinosaurs.. sharing and using lots of language..

Trying yo get Ashton to draw.. Ashton does not like drawing. Liz has been trying to get him to draw and now Tania is helping, trying to encourage in to draw with the reward of playing with the dinosaurs after.. not happy Ashton.

Ashton got very upset when we had to leave the dinosaurs.. most upset he has ever been.. He had been playing with his ones that are similar at bed time .. he got upset when I said he had to put them away for sleep.. he did it and the next night he put them away without any fuss.. and the next ..


Ashton named all the colours of the dinosaurs he had made then named them.. the first one with giraffe head he called bracheasaures the next one T. rex .. I didn’t get the video of naming the first one..


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