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Ashton’s diary - July 2019

Updated: Jul 30, 2023


Ashton sitting having breakfast with daddy.


Language and communication

Ashton had a toy and he asked me to help him.. “I need some help to get it off..” great sentence structure . He is putting more words together in the right context. 6 and 7 word sentences now.

Ashton asked to put his dinosaur on.


Ashton is able to look for our car when I ask him to find it and to wait for me when hopping out of the car while I get the babies out . I was never confident of letting Ashton go when we were in public or in an open space as he would just run off and not be aware of me even if I called to him.. he would just wander or run off .

The below photo is of Ashton just wandering up the beach. Oblivious of our presence.

The picture of Ashton on the Ashton’s Place brochure where he is on the beach looks like I am a long way away . I walked away from Ashton to see how far I could go before he noticed I was gone .. I went as far as I was comfortable and he did not even notice I was gone . This is indicative of my child with autism. Ashton never looked around for us or looked for recognition from us. There was no shared connection. This has all changed and he looks to us now for reassurance, recognition and familiarity.. we love it..


In the evening with Ashton as he shows me his interest on the iPad.. he guided my hand to aim it at the video.. he is trying to communicate , shared communication or intentional communication. Not sure if it is shared communication yet but it would be joint attention as he wants to share this with me by showing me and trying to talk to me about what he sees.


Speech session with Tania amazing . Modelling new play scenarios and Ashton eventually responds very well. It takes a little time but he involves himself in the play. Even says his dragon wants to do a poo and puts him on the toilet . First time I have had any indication that Ashton connects doing a poo with going to the toilet .

Ashton even sees the ambulance and wants to add it to the play. He says as he holds the dragon “ oh no I need to go up the hospital in the ambulance. “ wow what amazing pretend play by Ashton ..


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