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Ashton’s diary - June 2019

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

June 2019 Ashton’s diary

Ashton has been sleeping well and has been dry in the morning. Waking between 5 and 5.30

Poo’s have been good only a couple of accidents.. still can’t tell us when he wants to go .

Swimming has been good for everyone .. Ashton enjoying it once again and even asked to go in the pool on 8th June with his dad.. dad and girls were swimming and Ashton asked to go in the pool.


Ashton watching sunny bunnies and he just started talking about the show . He said she is crying as one was stuck in the air with balloons and then one was swinging to save her and he said (name) to the rescue .

Before that he said look a birthday cake and balloons and Here comes a bunny as one hopped up. This is the first time Ashton has spoken in depth about what was happening on a show. Except when naming dinosaurs or sea creatures

Watching the next one he said oh no the sunny bunny fell in the hole .. as he fell in the hole . Then he said true roller coaster as he saw it on the show .

Sitting on the toilet tonight he lifted his shirt and touched his belly button and looked at it and said “that’s my belly”. I said yes that is your belly button and he looked at me a smiled and said belly button.

He is very aware he is going to the toilet when he is on the toilet but still cannot ask to go..


Ashton was jumping around in the theatre and I said you need to sit quietly .. Ashton said no I don’t want to sit quietly.. first time he has ever answered me like that and told me what he does f want to do yah g all correct Grammer and tense .. amazing

Ashton is going well at brain balance . Doing more and more exercises each time we go. Doing well with his exercises at home . There is still a few he can’t do. Star fish .

I asked him if he wanted to go to the toilet and he said no!!


We were in theatre room and Ashton started saying “ I am a frog “ and then I would say hop hop .

He then said “ I am a tiger growl”

I am a crocodile snap snap” I am a gorilla and he beat his chest he then said I am an elephant and he put his arm in front of his nose and then put it in the air and made an elephant noise. He then said I am a dragon and put his arms out as wings . He then said I am a dinosaur and roared off.

Week of 9/06/19

Ashton has been responding to some of my questions!! When I say “Ashton time for a bath” he replied “no, I don’t want to have a bath!”

I ask if he wants to go to the toilet..”no, I don’t want to!”

Do you want to go to bed? I say and he says “I don’t want to go to bed!”

Then when I ask a little later he looks at me and starts to go to his room and go to toilet and hops into bed.. great strides we will see how long this goes and if he understands more as the weeks pass.. well done darling .

Ashton also helps with breakfast now , gets his plate when asked and then chooses his cereal and puts the milk in when I say what does it need he says “milk “

Then I say what do you need to eat it with and he goes to drawer and gets his spoon ..


Last night after Ashton’s walk he came in and asked for a drink, milk please he said, I said a bottle and he said no and went to the fridge, I said cold milk and he said yes. Once he drank that he said cracker please ..

this morning he was playing with his transformer and asking me to help a lot.

He wanted to go to the theatre so he took my hand and led me to the theatre , he said “let’s go to the bathroom “ I said “ it’s the theatre “ “let’s go to the theatre” he said .

“ want sunny bunnies” I said “what about the gruffalo ? “ Ashton said “ I don’t want to watch the gruffalo I want the sunny bunnies!” That’s telling me ... very good now just in the last week with Sauk g what he wants or doesn’t want when asked those type of questions e.g “do you want to watch...?” “ do you want to go to toilet?” “ do you want to have a bath?” “ do you want to go to bed?” “ do you want to go swimming?” “do you want to go to bed?” He will even answer with more than “no, I don’t want to have a bath!”


Ashton watching a man making dinosaurs and the man said it’s a tryanadon and Ashton looked and said “ it could be a velociraptor “...


Ashton asked me to open the girls beauty case by saying please open it.

Once it was open he looked in the mirror and said “ hey look at me” I said who do you see but he didn’t answer but then he got a little mirror and cane over and put it in front of my face and said “ look”.

Development of functional language moving from echolalia.

Answering what the ice turns into

Ashton says “ water” so he actually understands the question..

This activity was instigated by Ashton. In the morning he had brought me a dinosaur and wanted me to put it into water as he took me to the sink and pointed to the tap .. I said what do you want? He said “ to grow” I think he was thinking about the dinosaurs we had in water that grow ..

I said what if I put it in a glass of water.. I reached up and got a clear plastic mug. He flapped his arms excitedly and I put the water down on the bench and Ashton put the dinosaur into it and tried to push it down .. he went and got another dinosaur and pointed to the glasses and said water. I got another one and he put it in the water. He then turned to the fridge and said cold .. he opened the fridge and I said do you want it in the fridge? He picked up the dinosaurs out of the water and put them in the fridge . He shut the fridge. He waited a moment then opened it a felt the dinosaurs, he said “ cold” and I said what about we put them in the water and put them in the freezer . He smiled and flapped his arms and I put them in the freezer. I said we have to leave them there to set. He walked away and seemed content and understanding . Chantelle got them out later and he loved playing with them and watching them melt.. very clever forward thinking and planning. Amazing.. functional language came from asking him questions about what happens to the ice.. he actually responded to a question without using echolalia..

He asked me tonight to go to the theatre. I got to the door and I said “ what do you want me to do?” Ashton said “ open it”

Once we were inside I said do you want the light on?he said “ do you want the light on?” Still reverting to echolalia.. I said y... and Ashton said “yes please. “

Sometimes he answered using echolalia but then answers me with what he wants . E.g “ do you want milk?” Ashton says “ do you want milk? “ Then says “ yes please mummy.” So using both functional and echolalia.. or echoic language. He is getting g there and I see huge changes in understanding.


We have had a big journey today. Ashton handling everything so well.. we have flown back to Australia and all children were fabulous on the plane especially Ashton ..


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