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Ashton's Diary - November 2018

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

7/11/18 Birthday pointing at items on box and naming them good social thinking.. the second video is a good representation of this..


9th November 2018 Tania's session speech therapy. Trying to get Ashton drawing in a line.. he tolerated white board but not when it was paper..

Liz session 12/11


16/11/18 Session with Tania speech

Liz 20/11/18

21/11/18 Ashton at dinner he had T. rex and he said T. rex .. T. rex is the biggest dinosaur in the world.... 22/11/18 Session with Liz Had the session with all children today .. turn taking for all was very good.. all trying to be patient.. Ashton was crying today after turn taking and we showed him the feelings chart and said Ashton how do you feel? He said grumpy .. sad..

23/11/18 Tania s session Ashton can talk about things in the moment but not past or future questions..





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