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Ashton's Diary - Oct 2020 Part 3

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

October Last week

Nanny: 31/10/20

Video 2 - counting

Goal - to count out the amount of items for each page

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in counting out how many items he needed for each page. He was able to identify what pictures went on each page however didn’t count them out, I tried to encourage Ashton to count them out by starting off the counting. He showed interest in making megazord out of vegetables and penguins.

[1/11/20, 4:46:10 pm] Sammy Nanny: 31/10/20

Video 3 - letter recognition

Goal - to identify the beginning sound of each word

Outcome - I cut out each of the pictures rather than they all be in one page, to make it a bit easier for Ashton to identify each letter. At first first I asked Ashton to circle the letter that makes the sound of the beginning letter however he didn’t show Much interest in That. I then asked Ashton to point to the letter instead to make it a bit easier.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 30/10/20 Video 1 - Reading Our away

Goal - to match the picture cards to the picture mat.

Outcome - Ashton was able to match all the pictures he was presented with to the pictures on the matching mat. I asked him to identify who or what was in the pictures and he was able to answer each time. We started with matching two pictures and ended with matching all six pictures successfully.

[30/10/20, 8:15:07 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 30/10/20 Video 2 - Star Program 2 (receptive language - lesson 4 - action pictures)

Goal - to receptively identify action verbs in pictures when give the cue, "give me ..."

Outcome - Ashton was able to give me each action picture as I requested it. He showed that he understood each action as he handed most of them to me very promptly and this showed me he recognised the actions. I went to do a second set of five action cards with Ashton, but he went to get upset so I asked him if he was all done and we packed away.

30/10/20 Video 3 - Time 4 Learning (at the zoo)

Goal - to play memory match to make pairs.

Goal - to find the correct zoo animal when presented with four options.

Outcome - Ashton did a great job when playing the at the zoo memory match. During this game we made animal noises and even combined together to make ourselves into the animals we saw on the memory match cards. Ashton showed he has a great memory and matched the animal cards with ease. It was fun to interact with Ashton to make the animals noises. Next up Ashton played find it and he had to find the correct animal when presented with four options. Ashton did a great job and was able to find most of the animals on the first turn.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 30/10/20 Video 4 - Osmo (math wizard)

Goal - to follow the instructions to make a shrinking potion. (number recognition and addition)

Outcome - Today we played math wizard on osmo and I took Ashton back down to an easier level to continue practicing simple addition. Ashton enjoyed playing math wizard, although he was a little cheeky today and wasn't always adding up the total. It was clear this was Ashton being playful as I believe he is capable of adding these small numbers usually. With my assistance Ashton experienced success with this app today.

[30/10/20, 8:37:49 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : Video 5 - Pink Oatmeal (Halloween week) Halloween yoga - to increase overall flexibility and muscle strength.


At kindy

[29/10/20, 5:48:17 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : Ashton enjoyed balancing/weighing the pumpkins for Halloween. 29/10/20

[29/10/20, 5:49:03 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : Building haunted houses with his sisters for Halloween at kindy. 29/10/20

[29/10/20, 5:49:49 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : Looking at Poppy the bearded dragon through the magnifying glass at kindy. 29/10/20

[29/10/20, 5:50:32 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : Enjoying this fine motor experience. A spooky spiderweb for Halloween. 29/10/20

Nanny: 29/10/20

Video 1 - labelling objects

Goal - to label objects and then to describe those items

Outcome - Ashton was able to name and describe all items with some prompting at times. One of the objects was a photo of Anastasia holding an owl at the animal park, It was nice to see Ashton ask for his sister Anastasia and recognise that she wasn’t with him and that he needed to go and find her.

Sammy Nanny: 28/10/20

Video 1,2 - Tania’s book on Ashton’s favourite characters

Goal - to read along with the story

Outcome - Ashton was able to read along with the whole book, “I like Godzilla” etc. I encouraged Ashton to use the whiteboard and markers to draw his favourite character however didn’t show much interest in doing so, he was able to draw the head and horns of megazord after encouragement, he wanted to rub it out and said he was finished drawing.

Sammy Nanny: 28/10/20

Video 3 - cutting with scissors

Goal - to cut along the dotted lines using the correct scissor grip

Outcome - Ashton did really well with his cutting today, he held his scissors correctly for most of the activity. We still need to work on cutting while holding the paper at the same time.

[30/10/20, 6:05:42 pm] Sammy Nanny: 28/10/20

Video 4 - Osmo magic math

Goal - adding ingredients together to make a potion

Outcome - Ashton was able to place the corresponding amount of claws needed one side and purple feathers on the other however needed some assistance with finding the total. For some reason the phone had stopped recording so some of the activity wasn’t recorded.

Sammy Nanny: 27/10/20

Video 5 - LEGO building



App - TarHeel reader

App - Pictello

Readers that offer predictable grammar...

then he can make books himself.

Create books.

Level 1-3

I saw...

I like...

Sammy Nanny 27/10/20

Video 1,2,3- phonics island

Goal - letter recognition/letter tracing

Outcome - Ashton asked for some help with tracing over the lines as it was a little tricky at times. Ashton showed more interest in listening to the sounds that the animals make than placing the animals into the train, once I re-directed Ashton into the task he eventually was able to match the sounds.

Sammy Nanny: 27/10/20

Video 4 - SP 2 PC Lesson 6 matching 1-10

Goal - to identify the number and match the corresponding amount using pebbles

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify all the numbers and place the corresponding amount next to each number.

Sammy Nanny: 26/10/20

Video 1 - weseca program - wombats & numbats

Goal - to interpret what is happening in each picture.

Outcome - Ashton was able to tell me that numbats eat bugs and wombats eat plants. He didn’t show much interest in the story that went along with it.

Sammy Nanny: 26/10/20

Video 2 - he/she is .....

Goal - to look at each image and finish the sentence

Outcome - today I laid out 4 of the actions in front of Ashton (sleeping,running, eating and skipping rope) so that when it was time to place the image on to end the sentence it was a bit easier as there wasn’t too many options. With some prompting Ashton was able to identify each action and place the corresponding picture at the end of each sentence.

Sammy Nanny: 26/10/29

Video 3 - time 4 learning math

Goal - to pop 4 bubbles of the number 4

Outcome - at first Ashton wanted to press the numbers he chose however eventually understood he needed to pop the number 4 balloons.

Sammy Nanny: 26/10/20

Video 4 - time 4 learning bugs

Goal - listen to an informative book on bugs

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify and point out parts of the bees, he also noticed that a bee looks similar to mothra. He counted how many legs the bee had and noticed that he had one leg missing!

Sammy Nanny: 26/10/20

Video 5 - pink oatmeal - monster walks

Goal - gross motor & balance


Sammy Nanny: 25/10/20

Video 1 - cartwheels and handstands

Goal - gross motor, balance, co-ordination, spacial awareness

Outcome - Ashton and skye each took turns doing cartwheels and handstands. First skye would demonstrate how to do a cartwheel and then Ashton would try and copy, it was good to see Ashton try and mimic each movement.

Sammy Nanny: 25/10/20

Video 2,3 - waseca program “a”

Goal - to sound out the words and match the letters to the word

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in this activity today, I had to use his reinforcer a couple of times to bring his attention back to the task. He was able to sound out each of the words and place the corresponding letters to the word.

Sammy Nanny: 25/10/20

video 4 - storm experiment

Goal - cause and effect/language

Outcome - together Ashton and I made a storm inside a jug using water, shaving cream and food colouring water. We added the shaving cream on top of the water to create a cloud, we then had to smooth out the foam to creat a flat cloud. Ashton then added the dyed water over the top of the cloud to create a storm affect. Ashton enjoyed watching the storm slowly brew in the jug.

[26/10/20, 3:00:24 pm] Sammy Nanny: 25/10/20

Video 5,6,7 - Osmo magic math

Goal - to measure the length of each dragon.

Outcome - this activity was a bit tricky as we had to use a ruler to measure each dragon and it had to be lined up perfectly so I assisted Ashton in this area. Together we worked out how much each dragon needed to eat to fill up just enough the make them happy.


Sensory fun

Counting and feeding dinosaurs

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 24/10/20 Video 1 - Dice game

Goal - to roll the dice and find the number on the wooden panel. (number recognition)

Outcome - Today I decided to try our new dice game with Ashton. I initially wanted to keep it simple by taking turns and recognising numbers. I decided to go first so Ashton could see what to do, however Ashton had his own agenda when it came to this activity and our turn taking didn't last very long. While we did play Ashton was able to recognise the numbers.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 24/10/20 Video 2 - Time 4 Learning (weather)

Goal - to select the correct weather item when presented with four options.

Outcome - Ashton wasn't very keen to do Time 4 Learning today so I kept it short and we only did one activity. This activity required Ashton to select the correct weather item out of four options and he was able to do this sometimes. When Ashton focused on the question being asked he would select the right item.

Chantelle Burns Nanny : 24/10/20 Video 3 - Osmo (math wizard)

Goal - to follow the instructions to make a growing and shrinking potion. (number recognition and addition)

Outcome - Today we continued with the math wizard potion making game. We started on level three today and this level was harder as we had to choose the correct number when presented with multiple options. Even though Ashton needed a little help with this part today he did a great job following the instructions. We had to switch between potion ingredients today and Ashton was able to do this when I gave him instructions. Despite today being harder for Ashton we were able to work together to make the potions.

Speech therapy


Ashton was a little pushy and loud today. May look at zones of proximal regulation to help him.

Ashton introduction to reading.

And sentences using an app. “Clicker sentences “

Aim to make a book with his familiar things so he can read it.

Only took a little amount of time for Ashton to recognise match the words this session.

Ashton got a little pushy during the building . He wanted to do it his way.


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