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Ashton's Diary - Sep 2020 Part 1

September 2020

[14/9/20, 7:31:51 pm] Sammy Nanny: Video 3 - time 4 learning maths

Goal - to sequence numbers

Outcome - Ashton was able to sequence the numbers 1-5 in the correct order. At first it was a little tricky to use the mouse as for each number he had to hold the number and drag it until he reached the correct spot.

[14/9/20, 7:25:33 pm] Sammy Nanny: Video 2 - numicon/SP 2 PC Lesson 6 counting sets 1-10

Goal - to count the corresponding amount of bugs to the numicon tile placed in front of Ashton

Outcome - I modelled the first number to show Ashton what to do (2). Ashton was able to do the number (4) and (5) tiles independently however needed some prompting at times.

[14/9/20, 7:21:09 pm] Sammy Nanny: 14/09/20

Video 1 - I can see

Goal - to look at each image and finish the sentence

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in this activity today, I modelled what to do for the the first image for Ashton as it was an action he is unfamiliar with. He was able to complete the sentence for two images after some encouragement.

Sammy Nanny: 13/09/20

Video 5,6,7- sensory play - ice world

Goal - pretend play with sea animals

Outcome - I encouraged Ashton to play with me by modeling some play hoping he would join in. Ashton did join in play with me for a short amount of time, he had more interest in the blue water on the animals.

Sammy Nanny: 13/09/20

Video 3,4 - Osmo detective

Goal - to find the images provided to catch the thief

Outcome - Ashton was able to locate all images, he looked all over the board to find the clues that would eventually catch the thief!

Sammy Nanny: 13/09/20

Video 1,2 emotions

Goal - to put the pieces together and see what emotion is showing

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in this activity today, he was able to put together the faces together and identify the feelings. At the end of the activity Ashton said he wanted do to to sleep, clever boy knows how to finish an activity.

[12/9/20, 5:30:30 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 12/09/20 Video 1 - Star Program 2 (receptive language lesson 1) Expanded Labels/

Star Program 1 (receptive language lesson 2) Attending

Goal - to hand me each card when requested (functional item cards).

Goal - to respond to cues, sit down, stand up, hands down and look at me.

Outcome - At first Ashton was being playful and handing me the incorrect functional items card, he was laughing and thought he was very funny. Even though Ashton would hand me the incorrect card he was able to identify each picture (so I know he knows what each item is) and he would hand me the correct card eventually.

Ashton was able to respond to all the attending cues I presented today. I asked Ashton to do these attending cues throughout the expanded labels lesson and he did really well.

[12/9/20, 5:32:20 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 12/09/20 Video 2 - Emotion cards

Goal - to identify emotions on each card out of two choices. To act out emotions.

Outcome - At first Ashton wasn't really participating in this activity, but about half way through he joined in and ended up having fun. I presented Ashton with each emotion card, for example the 'tired boy' card and he had to tell me if the boy was tired or excited. Ashton was able to answer me correctly for all of the cards (he occasionally joked around and would say the incorrect option first) and he was also able to act out the emotions. Ashton did an excellent job acting out the emotions and showed a great level of understanding for each.

[12/9/20, 5:34:13 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 12/09/20 Video 3 - Time 4 Learning (abc)

Goal - to select the correct letter out of four options. To match the letter to the picture.

Outcome - Today I picked the ABC section on Time 4 Learning. I let Ashton choose what he wanted to do and he selected brainy bots. For this activity Ashton is required to select the correct letter out of the four options presented. Ashton was able to identify the letters sometimes, however he occasionally had to have a few tries before getting the correct letter. Ashton enjoyed getting the trophy at the end. Next up we did a matching activity. Ashton did fairly well with this one and was able to correct any errors he made. At the end I gave him some playtime with the mixing colours activity.

[12/9/20, 5:36:50 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 12/09/20 Video 4 Making statues

Goal - to make statues when the music stops.

Outcome - Ashton wanted to play statues again with his sisters today so he went and asked them to play. They said yes and followed Ashton to the dance floor. Ashton selected two songs and enjoyed dancing around. As per yesterday he made some great statues and he only needed to be reminded to freeze a few times.


Speech therapy session see second half of September after the 14/9/20

(Added it late and it wouldn’t fit into this half)

[11/9/20, 7:28:12 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 11/09/20 Video 1 - Matching magnets

Goal - to match household items/furniture to their correct room.

Outcome - This magnet activity required Ashton to match the household magnets to their corresponding room. Ashton helped me pop out the magnets as it was the first time we had used the set. During this activity Ashton showed his playful side and put the household items into the incorrect room, he even drove the car around the house. I believe that Ashton did know where some of the items go, but he was trying to be funny. I joined in with his fun until Ashton had enough of the activity.

[11/9/20, 7:35:17 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 11/09/20 Video 2 - Number blocks

Goal - number recognition/counting.

Outcome - I had this activity partially set up in front on Ashton and he started to stack the circle blocks onto the sticks. During this activity I got Ashton to count the blocks. Most of the time we ended up counting them together. Ashton was able to place the numbers into the correct holes, but he wouldn't identify them when I asked. Ashton placed the matching picture blocks onto the stand and I asked him to put them in the correct place, however he didn't want to move them. In the end he asked to finish the activity.

[11/9/20, 7:40:42 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 11/09/20 Video 3 - Learn to spell, letter and picture recognition game

Goal - to find letters that match the word on the picture card.

Outcome - Ashton wasn't very interested in doing this activity as it was intended. The activity required Ashton to place the matching letter tiles onto the board where the picture/word card was sitting. Ashton was able to place the tiles onto the board, but he was playing with them (stacking them on top of each other) instead of making the actual word on the card. At the end Ashton wanted to finish up so he could play making statues with his sisters. I let him finish as I could see he was more interested in playing with his sisters.

[11/9/20, 7:44:17 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 11/09/20 Video 4 - Making statues

Goal - to make statues when the music stops.

Outcome - Ashton initiated a game of making statues with his two sisters, he went and asked them if they wanted to join him. They all enjoyed playing making statues and Ashton did some great poses. Occasionally Ashton needed a reminder to make a statue when the music stopped.

[10/9/20, 5:26:21 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : Today Ashton wanted to give Daisy some water.

[10/9/20, 5:34:08 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 10/09/20 Video 1 - Tracing lines

Goal - to hold and use a marker correctly to trace around different items.

Outcome - Ashton needed encouragement and some assistance to trace around the items I had selected. During this activity he held his marker properly (most of the time). At times Ashton had his own agenda (instead of tracing) so I decided to follow along. This gave me a good opportunity to interact with Ashton as he was giving me instructions on what to draw. Ashton had asked me to draw a Pac-Man and some people. The people became the ghosts in the Pac-Man game and I used this drawing experience as an opportunity to ask Ashton questions, for example what colours he wanted. In the end we did a drawing of a transformer together. Ashton did a great job with giving me instructions and working together jointly to create our transformer picture.

[10/9/20, 5:37:01 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : Video 2 - Yes/no match

Goal - to correctly place the picture question card under yes or no.

Outcome - For this activity Ashton needed to place a picture question card under the correct answer, either yes or no. During this activity Ashton was showing his cheeky side and answering the questions with the incorrect answer. I believe Ashton was doing this to be funny and that he in fact knew the correct answer.

[10/9/20, 5:38:37 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 10/09/20 Video 3 - Time 4 Learning (school time)

Goal - to select the correct item when presented with four options.

To select the correct number when presented with four options.

Outcome - Ashton was presented with four school supply items and was asked by the computer to select a particular item. At times Ashton experienced success with this activity, but occasionally he would select the incorrect item before choosing the correct one. Next up we selected brainy bots and this activity required Ashton to select the correct number out of four options. At times Ashton was selecting the incorrect number, but I think he was being playful. Ashton showed great control with the mouse during both activities. At the end I let Ashton do some colour mixing as a reward and he did a great job with mixing the colours when I asked.

[10/9/20, 6:18:37 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 10/09/20 Video 4 - Pink Oatmeal (Circus Week) Circus Yoga - to increase overall flexibility and muscle strength.

[10/9/20, 6:28:59 pm] Chantelle Burns Nanny : 10/09/20 Video 5

Spontaneous circus play with sisters.

Ashton wanted to join in with his sisters when he saw them playing circus. Although Ashton mostly played alongside his sisters he showed his ability to share and join in when they requested he come over. Ashton was able to ask Giselle for her ribbon and was also willing to give it back when Giselle requested it.

[9/9/20, 8:47:03 pm] Sammy Nanny: 9/09/20

Video 6 - pink oatmeal - backwards hoola hoop walk through

Goal - to help with balance

[9/9/20, 8:45:25 pm] Sammy Nanny: 9/09/20

Video 4,5- shadow drawing

Goal - to trace over the outline of the shadows of Godzilla and mothra that the reflection of the sun was making.

Outcome - Ashton showed more interest in the cotton candy clouds than he did in tracing over the shadows of Godzilla and mothra. To encourage Ashton to trace over the lines I started it off by showing him how to do it however he only wanted to do it if we did together

[9/9/20, 8:44:16 pm] Sammy Nanny: 9/09/20

Video 3 - Osmo sea creatures

Goal - to create sea animals using the sticks/shapes provided

Outcome - Ashton was able to create a crab with giant claws and sea urchin to add to our under the sea world! Ashton didn’t want to play this game for long today so we moved on to have morning tea.

Sammy Nanny: 9/09/20

Video 1,2 - sea animal book and drawing

Goal - to use language throughout the book and then draw on the whiteboard

Outcome - Ashton used really good language throughout the book, he tried finding an eel and when he couldn’t find one I suggested maybe it’s hiding within the gummy seaweed, he used his imagination and said that it was a clownfish eel! We had lots of fun getting pricked by the puffer fish and taking all of the spikes out of our limbs. After some prompting Ashton was able to draw his own shark, he had really long fins!

Sammy Nanny: 8/09/20

Video 4,5- time 4 learning ABC

Goal - letter recognition

Outcome - Ashton started off by clicking the letters randomly, I encouraged Ashton to look at the letters and the pictures “mmmm moon”, he was then able to make the correct matches.

Sammy Nanny: 8/09/20

Video 2,3 - activity cards

Goal - to circle the answers to the questions

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in the activity cards, after lots of prompting he made some stroking marks over the cards as his way of answering.

Sammy Nanny: 8/08/20

Video 1 - SP 2 PC lesson 5 counting sets of objects

Goal - to hand over to me the number of objects I ask for

Outcome - Ashton was able to pass to me the correct amount of objects that I asked for, 1 princess, 2 bugs, 4 bakugan.


Size concepts


How high we can go ?

Story time

Acting out the story

Answering questions

Sammy Nanny: 7/09/20

Video 1,2,3 - readers i and m

Goal - to read the readers with me and then complete 2 worksheets

Outcome - Ashton chose to do the letter i book first, he was able to identify some of the pictures in the book. Ashton didn’t show much interest in the letter m book, I used mothra to talk to Ashton as a way to engage Ashton into the book more. Ashton was able to complete two worksheets with some encouragement.

Sammy Nanny: 7/09/20

Video 4,5,6 - time 4 learning numbers

Goal - to be able to answer math questions independently

Outcome - Ashton was able to match the amount of cars to the corresponding numeral, at first he had clicked them incorrectly however when he noticed that he had made mistakes he was able to fix it. Ashton enjoyed the bubble popping, he was able to identify the number 3 however showed more interest in watching them all float to the top. Ashton is very good at memory games, once he sees a number he its able to recall where the matching one is once he has seen it.

Sammy Nanny: 7/09/20

Video 7 - pink oatmeal “bean bag balance” with sight words

Goal - bean bag balance is to help with balancing skills, I added in sight words at the bottom of the bowls to look at and eventually memorise.

Sammy Nanny: 7/09/20

Video 8,9 - playing hide and seek

Goal - to engage in structured game with sisters

Outcome - Ashton loves playing hide and seek, he enjoys hiding and waiting to be found as well as counting and doing the finding of others.

Sammy Nanny: 6/09/20

Video 1 - letter recognition

Goal - to identify the missing letter

Outcome - Today we did letters a - m of the alphabet. Before we started the activity we watched the alphabet song on YouTube. Ashton was able to identify the letter e however he was being cheeky and placed the letter m instead of e. Ashton needed some assistance with identifying the other letters.