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immersive learners

Empowering Minds,
Embracing Uniqueness:
Where Every Child


Picture this:
a world where learning is an adventure,
and every discovery is a step toward building confidence and connections.

At Ashton’s Place Immersive Learners, we believe in the magic of inclusive experiences
hat cater to every child’s unique learning journey.

Our immersive learning approach at Ashton’s Place is like a captivating story unfolding for each child. From hands-on activities that engage fine motor skills to interactive games that spark communication, we embrace the individual strengths of our autistic learners.

Our dedicated team of educators and support staff ensures that every child feels seen, heard, and valued. Together, we celebrate milestones, big and small, in an atmosphere where every achievement is a triumph.

At Ashton’s Place Immersive Learners, we’re not just building education; we’re crafting a world of joy, discovery, and inclusivity for every child.


ashton's place immersive learners playscape concept

The Ficus tree's presence fosters a thriving ecosystem, supporting various organisms, including plants and wildlife. This concept is akin to how our centre will lay the groundwork for children's growth and development as they flourish within its walls.

The tree's influence extends to the playscape design, with its wavy, buttress roots and nestled spaces inspiring the shapes and structures within the project. The planting beds and activity spaces mirror the graceful curves of its leaves' tips, while the network of connecting pathways reflects the tree's branch patterns.


playscape inspiration

Creating a warm and inviting environment is at the heart of Ashton's Place Immersive Learners, our new child care service specially designed for autistic children. We believe in the power of nature to nurture young minds, which is why we've incorporated natural and simulated natural materials into our spaces.

At Ashton's Place Immersive Learners, we've put a higher emphasis on greenery and the use of plants, fostering a deep connection between your child and the wonders of nature during play at our early learning centre. Imagine your little one surrounded by the calming influence of natural colours, whether it's the rubber mulch beneath their feet or the thoughtful design of our play structures.

Our sensory gardens are carefully curated to engage all the senses. From plants boasting different textures, colours, and smells to pathways adorned with varied textures and shapes, even our tiniest learners can explore and experience the world around them through touch and play.

At Ashton's Place Immersive Learners, we've created more than a childcare centre; we've crafted a haven where your child can blossom in an immersive, inclusive, and friendly learning environment.

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