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Ashton's Diary - Aug 2020 Part 2

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

August 30-31/20

[30/8/20, 5:21:28 pm] Sammy Nanny: 30/08/20

Video 1 & 2 - Osmo math

Goal - to match the numbers on the screen to pop bubbles and rescue the fish

Outcome - Ashton really enjoyed this activity today, it was our first time playing it. He loved it when the fish fell into the water and when the bombs exploded. As this was the first time playing this game, it was a little tricky so at times I assisted Ashton to model what to do. Ashton can identify numbers 1-10 however is still learning numbers 11-20.

[30/8/20, 5:35:43 pm] Sammy Nanny: 30/08/20

Video 3, 4- fish book and drawing

Goal - to use language throughout the book and then draw on the whiteboard

Outcome - Ashton’s knowledge on all wildlife is astonishing, he was able to tell me the names of about 2/3 of the fish in this one book, Ashton also began to pretend to be different types of fish. Even though Ashton didn’t show much interest in drawing his own fish he was very attentive as I was drawing mine. He did a great job at drawing a lion fish!

[30/8/20, 5:43:15 pm] Sammy Nanny: Video 5 - Osmo detective

Goal - to find the images pictured to catch the thief!

Outcome - Ashton was able to find most pictures independently, at times he needed a hint. Ashton had better control over the magnifying glass than I had anticipated, he was able to hold it over the image with minimal help.


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