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Ashton's Diary - Jul 2020 Part 1

Updated: Jul 28, 2023


20/7/20 speech therapy videos in July part two

Video is below

[20/7/20, 7:44:22 pm] Sami Nanny: 20/07/20

Video 1 - cutting

Goal - to cut along the line independently while using correct scissor grip

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show any interest in the task today, he wanted to play with the scissors as well as the chairs with his feet. Ashton was able to cut along one line with lots of encouragement and some hand over hand.

[20/7/20, 7:45:27 pm] Sami Nanny: 20/07/20

Video 2 - writing/tracing

Goal - to independently write his own name while using correct pencil grip

Outcome - Today I used some hand over hand to show Ashton how a letter is written, to encourage him to trace the letters along the lines rather than colour them in.

[20/7/20, 7:46:38 pm] Sami Nanny: 20/07/20

Video 3 - homer

Goal - to complete 3 sections

Outcome - Ashton was able to complete 3 sections- memory/pairing, upper/lower case identifying and what comes next. Ashton was able to complete all sections independently, we need to continue working on letter recognition.


Playing musical chairs. Ashton was able to party in the game. (Was able to join in with directions and remember what the game was about each time the music stopped and started again. (Executive function)

Ashton even suggested using his stool from the bench and he knew to take the chairs away as each person got out so there were less chairs each time . Recall memory and receptive memory .

Had a swim with his dad today and was communicating with him and requesting to be thrown sideways then backwards then forwards . Understanding directions.

Two way communication and joint attention.


Speech therapy

Formal testing for a report for school.


[VIDEO-2020-07-19-20-51-23 2]

Below video is the second part of the above video.



Below video is part two of the above .

[VIDEO-2020-07-19-21-27-12 2]






17/07/20 Video 3 - Homer - letter recognition

Goal - to select the correct letter.

Outcome - Although Ashton has the ability to select the correct letter as I've seen him do it previously, today he seemed to be pressing any letter and not really concentrating. I ended this task fairly quickly as it was clear Ashton had his own agenda.



17/07/20 Video 2 - Labelling actions

Goal - to label an action flash card using a noun-verb combination.

Outcome - Ashton is capable of doing this activity but requires encouragement to get him to participate. I selected three action flash cards for Ashton to label as I know he doesn't ever really show enthusiasm for this task so I wanted to keep it short. Ashton was able to successfully label each card using a noun-verb combination for example Ashton said "he is fishing", when shown the action card of a man fishing. We need to continue this activity as Ashton needs to be able to say other noun-verb combinations for example instead of he fishing Ashton would need to say the man is fishing.




17/07/20 Video 1 - Making statues

Goal - to freeze and make a statue when the music stops (gross motor).

Outcome - Ashton enjoys playing musical statues and dances nicely alongside his sisters. When I stopped the music he was able to freeze and make a statue. Occasionally Ashton needed reminding to make the statue.


Anastasia turtle painting





16/07/20 Video 4 - Turtle painting

Goal - to paint the turtle and recognise the letter T.

Outcome - When asked Ashton was able to identify the letter T. He was also able to tell me that turtle starts with the letter T. Ashton followed my instructions when I asked him to use the T stamper to decorate the turtle's back. He than wanted to paint the turtle and said "let's make him colourful". Ashton held his paint brush nicely and was able to tell me what colour he wanted when I asked him. Occasionally I had to redirect Ashton back to the paints for him to dip his brush.



16/07/20 Video 3 - Cutting and pasting

Goal - to cut and paste pizza toppings.

Outcome - Ashton wasn't very keen to participate in this cutting and pasting activity. To get him to stay at the table I set up his iPad with a video ready for him to watch as a reinforcer when he earned his tokens. I'm not sure if this was more distracting for Ashton but it kept him at the table. I ended up having to cut out the pizza toppings for Ashton to glue on as he didn't want to do the cutting portion of the activity. In the end Ashton was able to glue on three toppings. I still allowed Ashton to place his tokens on the reward chart as he had pasted the toppings onto the pizza.



: 16/07/20 Video 2 - Writing his name

Goal - to trace over the letters of his name.

Outcome - Ashton was able to identify some of the letters in his name and he attempted to trace over the them as we went along.



: 16/07/20 Video 1 - Numbers and counting

Goal - to count the octopus legs and spots and write down the corresponding numbers.

Outcome - Ashton wasn't very focused at the beginning of this activity so we counted the octopus legs together. He was able to tell me that the octopus had eight legs and he attempted to write the number eight when I requested. Next we counted the octopus spots and again we did this together, at the end of counting Ashton was able to tell me that there were seven spots. Again Ashton attempted to write the number seven. During this task I reminded Ashton he would get iPad time if he earned his two tokens and I had the iPad sitting there as a visual reinforcer. Ashton was able to place the two tokens onto the reward chart and he got his iPad time.



Video 1 - cutting/pasting/sorting

Goal - to cut, paste and sort the images into the correct section independently

Outcome - to make this activity a bit easier for Ashton I pre cut most of the pictures as well as glued a few pictures onto the worksheet. Ashton didn’t want to do this activity, he began to get upset however I continued to encourage Ashton to do the worksheet. Ashton was able to cut a picture out independently, he needed some assistance with pasting and sorting.



Video 2 - beginning sound

Goal - to be able to identify the beginning letter of a word by listening to the sound

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in this activity, I said the words of the items out loud and emphasised the first sound of the word. Ashton did try and identify the letter by the sound but needed some assistance.



Video 3 - numbers and counting

Goal - to be able to sequence the numbers from 1-4 independently

Outcome - once I explained to Ashton what he needed to do with the numbers, Ashton was able to sequence them in the correct order as well as identify all of the numbers that I asked him to.




Video 4 - ice water sensory play

Goal - spontaneous

Outcome - Ashton enjoyed watching the colours go in between the ice cubes. The poor stingray didn’t last long in the ice cold water. Ashton smiled when the octopus inked in the water.


Tania speech therapy -formal testing today.. Ashton does not like formal testing.







Part two


Part 3




Giselle and Scarlett just went to bed and Ashton just turned around and said “hey where did everybody go. “ I said “Giselle and Scarlett went to bed.”and he said “what about Anastasia ?” and I said “she’s gone upstairs” and he said “what about daddy?” and I said “ he is upstairs” and I said where would you like to go?”and he said “I’d like to go upstairs.”Well done Ashton.

As we got upstairs and he saw Anastasia he said “hey there is Anastasia.” and he looked around for his dad and I said let’s find daddy and he went into the kitchen saw his dad and said “hey daddy “..

amazing exchange .this is the first time there has been a recognition that his sisters weren’t there. He has never shown any interest in where they were.



Video 4 - SP1 RL Lesson 11 labels of objects

Goal - to hand the object that are asked for

Outcome - Ashton was able to hand me all the objects that I asked for.



Video 3 - counting/writing

Goal - to count how many sea creatures and writing the answer down

Outcome - Once again this activity is meant to be a full page long with 9 rows of sea creatures to count however I cut three rows off to make a small worksheet. Ashton was able to count the sea creatures independently and even attempted to write the answers on his own. At the end of the worksheet we talked about what the answers were, I wrote the numbers next to Ashton’s correct answers.




Video 1 & 2 - writing

Goal - to write his name independently while using the correct pencil grip

Outcome - ashton is making progress on how to hold his pencil, he is able to grip it correctly when it is placed in his fingers. We talked about each letter as we went along, Ashton was able to repeat the letters after me and even knew the letter O all on his own.




Anastasia doing the same activities Ashton was doing.



Video 5 - SP 1 FR Lesson 4 hand washing

Goal - to wash hands independently without any prompting

Outcome - Ashton is able to complete all steps independently however needs guidance on what step comes next.



Video 4 - scooter race with sisters

Goal - spontaneous play

Outcome - Ashton waited in line with his sisters until skye said go, they all raced alongside each other until the reached the other side.



Video 3 - counting/writing

Goal - to count how many sea creatures and writing the answer down

Outcome - this activity is meant to be a full page long with about 8 rows of sea creatures to count however I cut the first two rows off to make a small worksheet. Ashton was able to count the sea creatures independently and even wrote the answers on his own. I wrote down the number 5 and 3 next to where he wrote the correct answers, as I wrote them down Ashton was able to tell me what the numbers were.



Video 2 - counting/tracing

Goal - counting how many sea creatures per card and then circling the correct number

Outcome - With some encouragement at times Ashton was able to count the number of sea creatures per card and circle the correct numbers independently.

“Ashton is doing a counting activity and as you can see he is thrilled !!

It has been difficult to get Ashton to be a willing participant in formal activities but today was all different, yes there was a few yawns and head rolls ( Ashton’s distraction technique when he doesn’t want to participate) but he did it. Very clever Ashton.



Video 1 - tracing lines

Goal - to trace from one picture to the other using the correct pencil grip

Outcome - with the use of Ashton’s reinforcer of drawing on the iPad he was able to trace from one picture to the other without any assistance. Ashton is still working on his pencil grip however I was very happy he completed the activity independently


Ashton had another go on his scooter today down in the garage and I asked him if he enjoyed it. He said “yes” I said “you liked your scooter?”

he said “it was amazing” I said “did you go fast?” He said “yes”

I said “what else happened on your scooter” he said “I hurt myself!” I said “did you fall off” and he said “yes.”

Wonderful recall. Often when asking Ashton questions I am only expecting a one word response so when he said “it was amazing “ I have to take a second to think “what did he just say?” Very exciting when he expands on his replies to me . Really engaging in conversation.



11/07/20 Video 1 - Water colour painting

Goal - improve fine motor skills

Outcome - Ashton was able to paint independently but needed direction to dip the brush into the water colours. When he painted his second picture he wanted to do it together as we were painting an Indominius Rex. He held my hand to paint the circle for the head. We had a good exchange about what Ashton wanted the dinosaur to look like, for example he wanted it to be angry and have spikes. Overall Ashton experienced success with this activity.





Ashton enjoyed his scooter today.

He was singing baby shark on his scooter.


Ashton went out with poppy and the girls to try their new scooters. The girls were practicing in the garage and Ashton was with poppy to the side and the girls were raving and Ashton said “ can I race too?”

His balance was very good just need to work in steering.

Went out in afternoon with Kevin to beach and Kevin said he ran back and forth up and down the beach for six times a good distance. He just wanted to run.

Tonight he was calm and responsive to me when I asked him what he did this morning - he said scooter with poppy and when I said this afternoon he first said beach with poppy and I said I think you went to beach with... and he said beach with Kevin . He was moving a little bit while watching his iPad and I said “ does that make you feel good and he said “yes “ so good I even said what are you watching and he replied with a description that the shark had a sharp mouth and was cutting things up.. it was an animated picture with a shark moving along a line cutting it as he went. I said show me and he didn’t respond so I spoke more clearly and said bring your iPad to me . I would like to look. And he did.



10/07/20 Video 1 - Monkey Toes

Goal - to improve balance and motor planning skills (by using feet/toes to pick up squishy balls and put them in a basket).

Outcome - I used the reward system for this activity and explained to Ashton he needed three tokens before he could play with his bakugan. Whilst Ashton is able to do this activity he requires lots of encouragement to complete it. I had to place the ball in between his feet each time otherwise he was too distracted. Once the ball was in between his feet he was able to scoot on his bottom to the bucket.

Ashton doing counting activity


Anastasia doing counting activity


10/07/20 Video 2 - Lady bug number recognition

Goal - to recognise a number on a card (for example number 2) and place the corresponding amount of spots on the lady bug.

Outcome - I used the reward system again for this activity. This time Ashton only needed to place on two tokens (as I could see he wasn't keen to do this activity I chose a low number of tokens). Whilst Ashton is clearly capable when it comes to being able to do this task he wasn't focused and needed lots of prompting and encouragement.



09/07/20 Video 1 - Addition worksheet

Goal - to correctly add up the two groups dinosaurs to find a total.

Outcome - Ashton didn't really want to participate today. I tried modelling the activity but Ashton became increasingly agitated so the activity ended.


09/07/20 Anastasia's addition worksheet


09/07/20 Video 2 - Writing his name

Goal - to independently trace the letters of his name.

Outcome - Ashton did not want to trace the letters of his name today. He got very upset so I let him tell me what he wanted and I than ended the activity.


09/07/20 Video 3 - Cutting with scissors

Goal - to independently cut using the correct scissor grip.

Outcome - Ashton was very distracted for the beginning of this activity, he then got up from the chair and left. I was unable to get Ashton back to the activity.


09/07/20 Anastasia cutting with scissors



Anastasia cutting with scissors


I came downstairs and went to Ashton he went to run away and I reached for him and held his arm and said hello “Ashton” waited and no response so I said “we say hello when we see mummy, Ashton “

He didn’t respond so I said “what do you say” he said something I couldn’t quite get until he said it again and it was “I need to relax”. I said what did you say ?” He said “what, (echolalia ) - mummy (then said )I just want to relax”



Video 1 - cutting with scissors

Goal - to cut along a line independently using correct scissor grip

Outcome - Ashton asked for help so I did hand over hand to encourage Ashton to do the activity.



8/07/20 Video 2 & 3 - Homer

Goal - letter recognition/sounds etc

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in this activity today, I did the same as yesterday and used the drawing activity to help encourage Ashton to do each level.




Video 1 - Writing

Goal - to write independently with correct pencil grip

Outcome - Ashton was reluctant to do this activity, I used hand over hand to help him write his name.



Video 2 - animal yes/no

Goal - for Ashton to be able to clip yes or no independently onto the card which asks “is this a (animal)? Yes or no?

Outcome - with a lot of prompting Ashton was able to answer yes or no to whether it was the same animal or not.


Video 3 - homer

Goal - to identify different letters/sounds etc

Outcome - Ashton didn’t show much interest in this activity today, Ashton wanted to draw instead so once we finished a level together he was able to do some drawing.


Video 5 - light up board

Goal - spontaneous play

Outcome - Ashton used the visual cards of different animals and morphed them into one animal by placing them on top of one another


Video 1,2,3 - homer learning

Goal - letter recognition

Outcome - with lots of encouragement Ashton was able to answer most of the questions independently. Between each activity, Ashton was able to do the sea creature story or drawing to motivate him to stay longer for the activities


5/07/20 Video 4 - Tania’s “what am I?”

Goal - to answer the questions that are being asked

Outcome - Ashton wasn’t interested in answering the questions today, with lots of promoting he was able to answer a couple of the questions I asked him.



04/07/20 Video 1 - Apple tree number recognition

Goal - to recognise and count numbers on a dice and colour in the corresponding apple on the tree.

Outcome - At first I had to give Ashton hand over hand help to get this activity going. After that Ashton was able to colour in the next two apples on his own and recognise the number on the dice. I thought he was going to continue and be interested but he got up and wouldn't come back to the task.


04/07/20 Video 2 - Water sensory play/seashell number recognition

Goal - to correctly identify the number written on the seashell.

Outcome - Ashton didn't show any interest in this activity today and he had his own agenda. I tried to do some hand over hand with him to collect the numbered sea shells but it was clear he wanted to just play in his own way.


7-30 to 8pm

Ashton was a little bit restless tonight as he was lying down so I went in and asked if he was okay he said sit with me and then just every now and then he would start to cry so he sat up and threw him self back on the pillows like throwing his head back on the pillows I said Ashton do you have a pain he said yes I said would you like some I said where is your pain and he couldn’t tell me I said do you need some medicine and he said yes in Kevies fridge upstairs and I said okay I’ll go and get the medicine and I came back and gave him some Panadol and once I gave him the Panadol he said “that feels much better” and lay down with a smile on his face and just watched his iPad.



03/07/20 Video 1 - Numicon Play-dough

Goal - number recognition and practicing writing numbers.

Outcome - My aim for this activity was for Ashton to be able to recognise the numicon numbers, press them into play-dough and than write the number on paper. To begin with I asked Ashton to find the number one, he did so and pressed it into the play-dough. I showed Ashton an example of how to write the number one and than asked him to copy it, he was able to do so. We repeated this up to number five, at times Ashton had his own agenda but I got him back on task (we skipped four because Ashton rushed ahead to five and I didn't want to lose momentum). For all other numbers Ashton required hand over hand to write them.


03/07/20 Video 2 - Boom Learning (creating a jungle picture)

Goal - to follow instructions to create a jungle scene.

Outcome - Ashton enjoyed this activity but was definitely following his own agenda. I gave several instructions throughout and tried to interact but Ashton didn't give joint attention.


Ashton saw Anastasia eating and apple and said “can I have an apple too. A green apple” I said “yes you can.” And went to kitchen following Ashton.


Came in to Ashton as he was lying in his bed sheet over his head and watching his iPad and I said “ you are not asleep are you as I peeked under the sheet. He looked at me a little startled and said after a few seconds, looking right into my eyes “mummy you scared me.” I said I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you . ( so wonderful to have this communication)

Sitting with Ashton before he goes to sleep because when I went in to see if he needed anything he said “I need to go to toilet.” He took my hand and we went to toilet as we came back from toilet he said “sit with me, again.” I said I would .

Ashton is adding things like “again” “ too” like when he asked for the apple and said “ can I have an apple , too” so much understanding with language coming through.

02/07/20 Video 1 - Whiteboard story

Goal - to recall and sequence events.

Outcome - Ashton wasn't highly interested today when I asked him about going to the beach with Kevin yesterday. He was able to answer some of my questions but didn't really recall any major events from going to the beach with Kevin. Ashton was keen to rub off whatever it was I had drawn.



Video 2 - Tracing Lines

Goal - to independently trace lines using the correct pen grip.

Outcome - Today I got out some tracing cards to complete this activity (the cards had circles and curved lines). Ashton sat down to participate but required hand over hand help to keep him on task. There was a brief moment at the end where Ashton did the tracing himself but he wasn't holding the pen correctly, I was very pleased that he was willing to give it a go on his own though.





Video 1 - numicon

Goal - using Ashton’s imagination to make animals/objects out of the number tiles

Outcome - Ashton enjoyed this activity however was more interested in playing independently. Ashton made lots of different animals and objects, it was great to see how engrossed ashton was in this activity.



Video 2 & 3 - tania’s “what am I?”

Goal - to answer the questions that are being asked.

Outcome - I began with the under the sea questions “what is under the ......?” Etc however Ashton didn’t show any interest in the activity. I then decided to try the other activity, “what am I?”. I placed the octopus and the crab out, I then stated the facts for Ashton from the fact sheets. I waited to see if Ashton would answer which sea creature it is, Ashton continued to shake his head and make noises.


Video 4 - tracing lines

Goal - independently trace lines while using correct pencil grip

Outcome - I used hand over hand today as Ashton wanted to draw over the page rather than trace the lines. Ashton was able to trace the snakes lines independently.


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