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Ashton’s diary - May 2019

Updated: Jul 30, 2023


Had an appointment with the “brain balance achievement centres today in Henderson. Ashton had an assessment and he will be going three times a week - mon wed Friday 2 pm for an hour.

We have an appointment on Wednesday for his first session and I will meet with the team to work out a plan for Ashton for the exercises

to continue at home. Looking forward with anticipation at how he will progress .. excited but cautious not to get too excited. Everything we do for Ashton will help him. The centre think he is right brain weak.


This morning playing with Ashton he is putting his transformer dragon together and I said is that a puppy dog and he answered me “it’s a dragon “ I said “ I like your dragon””and Ashton continued with“ “that’s not a puppy dog”. this is the first time he has extended a conversation on his own.


Ashton went to brain balance . I think the program will be good for him but he was up at 2.30 am and stayed awake till morning.. hope we don’t stimulate too much..


Brain balance today

I went in with him as he was distressed.. I helped the therapist do the exercises with him and put on his pulse ankle strap and the aroma therapy peppermint. He did the exercises with my help and encouragement.

Computer room then for eye exercises.. he needs lots of work in this area so the more we do this I think it will help him.

I had a talk to the therapists about the importance of knowing what Ashton is motivated by..


Ashton’s play this morning was amazing .. very involved as we played with his dinosaurs and play dough. And he then made lollipops with the play dough and popsicle sticks and asked to make a cookie.. he then put them on the hopscotch numbers.. I tried to say put a cookie on two put a lollipop on four but he didn’t quite get the concept.. he then collected them all together and I said would you like a plate and he looked at me and took the plate and put his things on it and we walked inside and I said can I have a cookie and he sat on the floor and gave me one and he picked one up and and pretended to eat it by putting it to his mouth and taking pretend bites.

This afternoon we had a pretend ice cream shop and Ashton came up and picked up chocolate and said my favourite and put a topping on it and pretended to feed it to his sea creatures.. making the mouthing actions and saying yum..

Ashton brought me a lego discover pack he had found on the table and it was a shark. It has pictures of three things you can make He said look mummy a shark , a crab An octopus and a angel fish as he jumped up and down.. he was very excited .. he pointed to each picture as well.


Day after brain balance . Ashton had a good sleep but woke up busy.. running and wanting to move. Kevin will take him to the park.. maybe his brain is being activated.. ?


Ashton said.. “good morning mummy. I want my bottle.”

This is the first time he has said good morning mummy.

Ashton went happily into brain balance session.

Two nights ago as I said good night I always say I love you sweet dreams . Ashton said I love you. So wonderful. Don’t know if it was just echolalia or he knew what he was saying. We will see.


Last nigh Ashton had a bad night awake at 9.30 didn’t go to sleep until 10.45 the woke again at 4.35.

Did cough a little but might be because of brain balance?

Have been gradually doing exercises with him. He gets some of them but will just continue to try.

His eye exercises I have been doing with a dinosaur or toy.

Played lotto with all the children today and as I picked up an object the children had to see if it was on their card.. everyone took turns and as I asked questions Ashton could answer and say he needed it. I asked what do you need and he would say crab or octopus, what ever was missing.. he did really well . The little girls did well identifying all the items and Anastasia as well..

23/05/19 & 24/05/19

Ashton going for lots of walks with Kevin .. great exercise..

Ashton has been sleeping well


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